A quick dive into getting started with Lore

Step 1: Download API Server

In this step we’ll clone and run the API server that we'll need for the rest of this Quickstart.

Clone the Server

The server we'll need is in a repository on GitHub under lore/lore-tutorial-api. Run this command to clone the server into your local environment:

$ git clone git@github.com:lore/lore-tutorial-api.git
$ git clone https://github.com/lore/lore-tutorial-api.git

Install Dependencies

Once the server is cloned, navigate into the directory and install the dependencies:

$ cd lore-tutorial-api
$ npm install

Stop the Mock API Server

Once the dependencies are installed, stop the mock server (Ctrl+C). We'll need the port it's currently running on (1337) to be free so that the Sails server can bind to it.

Start the Real API Server

Once the mock server is stopped, and port 1337 is free again, start the lore-tutorial-api server using npm start. A successful startup will produce console output similar to this:

$ npm start

info:                .-..-.
info:    Sails              <|    .-..-.
info:    v0.12.14            |\
info:                       /|.\
info:                      / || \
info:                    ,'  |'  \
info:                 .-'.-==|/_--'
info:                 `--'-------'
info:    __---___--___---___--___---___--___
info:  ____---___--___---___--___---___--___-__
info: Server lifted in `/Users/jchansen/lore/lore-tutorial-api`
info: To see your app, visit http://localhost:1337
info: To shut down Sails, press CTRL + C at any time.

  debug: -------------------------------------------------------
  debug: :: Sun Mar 25 2018 21:21:26 GMT-0700 (MST)

  debug: Environment : development
  debug: Port        : 1337
  debug: -------------------------------------------------------

If you now navigate to http://localhost:1337 you will see a webpage showing the API routes:

  tweets: "http://localhost:1337/tweets",
  users: "http://localhost:1337/users",
  user: "http://localhost:1337/user"

Visual Check-in

At this point our application no longer works - this is epected. If you refresh your browser, you should see this error in the console:

Expected models to be an array but got [Object {data: Array[5], meta: Object}].
Did you forget to override parse to extract the models?

We'll resolve that issue in the next step and restore our application's functionality.

Next Steps

Next we're going to update our application to work with the new API.