Architectural foundation for Lore


The architectural foundation for Lore is built around Redux.

Understanding Redux will signifcantly demystify how Lore works, and will make it much easier to reason about what's happening.

Where does Redux show up in Lore?

Pretty much every where.

  • All data in the application flows through Redux.
  • The actions that communicate with APIs are all Redux action creators.
  • All data is stored in Redux reducers.
  • The Master component is subscribed to Redux store to make sure your application updates when the data changes.
  • The connect decorator inspects the Redux store state to determine whether the data you requested exists, of it an action needs to be invoked.

Resources for Learning Redux

Aside from the official documentation, the links below are good resources to learn Redux.

  • A Cartoon Intro to Redux

    Lin Clark explains Redux using cartoons - fun and educational!

  • Getting Started With Redux

    A free video course on taught by Dan Abramov, the creator of Redux. Get introduced to Redux by the person who created it.

  • Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux

    A free follow-up video course to "Getting Started With Redux", and taught once again by Dan Abramov. Introduces more advanced concepts.

  • Learn Redux

    Another free video course, this one taught by Wes Bos, where you'll build Reduxstagram, a "a simple photo app that will simplify the core ideas behind Redux, React Router and React.js".