Build apps worthy of legend

Convention-driven framework for React.
Built on Webpack, Redux and React Router.

Convention-driven Magic

Talk to APIs without writing actions or reducers

Lore contains blueprints for common actions and reducers that it configures using the frameworks conventions. By creating a model, Lore provides access to a set of actions and reducers capable of supporting common CRUD operations, which can then be configured or overridden as required.

Declarative lazy-loading components

Then fetch data just by declaring it.

Lore provides a simple decorator that allows you to declare what data your components need. If this data exists, it will be provided to your component. If it doesn't, Lore will automatically call the required action and inform your component when the data comes back.

Project template for the win

Getting started is super easy.

Just install the CLI and create your project. Everything you need is already included, and the project comes preconfigured with supporting for building, routing and publishing your project.

$ npm install -g lore-cli
$ lore new my-app
$ cd my-app
$ npm install
$ npm start
$ ...
$ Listening at localhost:3000.
Heavily reduced learning curve

Preconfigured with sensible defaults.

For each of the libraries Lore is built on, we looked at what were the most common tasks and challenges in working with them, and then integrated functionality into Lore to improve that experience. Behavior for all libraries can also be easily tailored through simple config files.

Focus on adding value without constraint

Thoughtfully designed to support features you'll needas you're app grows.

Lore is serious about building scalable apps. The architectural patterns in the framework are taken from years of building diverse applications, and designed to solve not just the needs you have today, but the ones you'll have tomorrow as well.