Generates a new Lore project


CLI command to create a new project.


lore new [app-name]


You can control the syntax of the generated files by providing one of the following options:

lore new [app-name] --es5
lore new [app-name] --es6
lore new [app-name] --esnext

If no es* option is provided, the generated code will reflect the --es5 flag.


Let's say you want to create a project called my-awesome-app. To do that, you would run this command:

lore new my-awesome-app

This would create a new folder named my-awesome-app and place all project files inside.

Next you just need to navigate into that folder, install the project dependencies, and start the server.

cd my-awesome-app
npm install
npm start

Once the project finishes building, you can visit the application at localhost:3000.