A quick dive into getting started with Lore


This Quickstart is intended to provide a fast-paced introduction to Lore, to give you a sense of what the framework feels like and whether it's something you want to invest more time in.

Explanations for the opinions expressed in the framework will be left for elsewhere in the documentation.

Language Preference

The code in this quickstart can be displayed in one of three versions of JavaScript. Which version would you like to see?

All versions use import and export statements, as well as syntax like const and let.

The only difference between ES5 and ES6 is how you prefer to construct your React components.

What You'll Build

This is the application we'll be building. It is a Twitter-like app, pre-populated with characters and quotes from Chrono Trigger.

Concepts Covered

This Quickstart will cover the following concepts:

  • Creating and building a React application
  • Layout out your application visuals with mock data
  • Routing
  • Fetching data from an API server
  • Populating your application with real data
  • Generating and launching dialogs
  • Authentication (logging users in)
  • Authorization (restricting what users see)
  • Resolving breaking API changes
  • Pagination
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Filtering data
  • Normalizing API data
  • Optimistic updates (displaying changes before server confirmation)
  • Integrating Websockets for real-time behavior
  • Publishing your application


If you have any questions or concerns while navigating through the Quickstart, please submit an issue on GitHub. Your feedback is appreciated as a way to make the Quickstart better.

Next Steps

Ready? Let's get started!