Documentation for deploying your application


This section documents how to deploy your application.

Choosing a Hosting Provider

Once you build your application, it's really just a collection of static files, which means there are a lot of choices for services that you can use to host it. Some of those services include GitHub Pages, Surge, and Amazon S3, and there are even rumors of some really adventurous folks hosting static applications from DropBox.

But if you're looking for a hosting service, you might want to consider trying out Now, which is a hosting service provided by

This particular service provides several advantages for hosting static applications, including:

  • An easy deploy process
  • Free SSL certificates for custom domains
  • Zero-downtime deploys
  • Ability to roll-back to previous deploys
  • Provides an informative web dashboard
  • Free global CDN, with data centers in USA and Europe

New Lore projects include support for deploying to Now by default, and you can find a walkthrough of what that process looks like in the navigation on the right.

If you'd prefer to use a different service to host your application, you can easily remove all traces of Now from your project by following these steps.