A quick dive into getting started with Lore

Completed Project

The final code for the Quickstart can be checked out from GitHub using the link below:

git clone git@github.com:lore/lore-quickstart-es5-v0.13.git
git clone git@github.com:lore/lore-quickstart-es6-v0.13.git
git clone git@github.com:lore/lore-quickstart-esnext-v0.13.git

Each step in the Quickstart contains the name of the branch with the completed code for that step. For example, to check out the code for Step 1 of the Authorization section, which has the branch name authorization.1, you would run this command:

git checkout authorization.1

If you're developing on Mac or Windows, you can also use the excellent (and official) GitHub Desktop Client.