The structure of a Lore application


This file allows you to override any of the other config settings in a way that will only affect your development machine. This file is added to the .gitignore by default and will never be checked in.

Default Config

The default config is shown below.

 * Local environment settings
 * This file is excluded from your project by default as part of the .gitignore
 * file.  Use it to override any configuration settings for any other config
 * files, or to specify sensitive data that you shouldn't be committed to your
 * git repo.
 * Use this file to specify configuration settings for use while developing
 * the app on your personal system.
 * These settings take precedence over all other config files, including those
 * in the env/ subfolder.

export default {

   * This file will override other config settings based on the environment

  // actions: {
  //   normalize: true
  // },

  // connections: {
  //   default: {
  //     apiRoot: ''
  //   }
  // }


Example Configuration

To use this file, simply provide a key named after the file you want to override. So if you wanted to override the default headers sent to the default API connection, so that it always sends a specific JWT token, you just need to provide a key named connections and then describe the config modifications you want to make.

module.exports = {

  connections: {
    default: {
      headers: function() {
        return {
          Authorization: 'JWT super-secret-hard-coded-auth-token'