The structure of a Lore application


This is the configuration file for lore-hook-actions and is where you define overrides for the default action behaviors.

You can learn more about the configuration options here.

Default Config

The default config is shown below.

export default {

   * Specify whether models should be normalized.

  normalize: true,

   * Blueprints are used to provide models with a default set of actions for
   * interacting with a REST API. If you want to modify the behavior of those
   * actions you can provide your own implementation here.

  blueprints: {
    create: function() { /*...*/ },
    destroy: function() { /*...*/ },
    find: function() { /*...*/ },
    get: function() { /*...*/ },
    update: function() { /*...*/ }

   * Determines whether the client-side id (the cid attribute in a model)
   * is sent to the server when creating data. This is not necessary when
   * interacting with REST APIs as the actions can associate the associate
   * the request and response, but when performing optimistic updates using
   * WebSockets it is necessary to send a client-generated ID to the server
   * in order to associate the data created on the client side with the data
   * broadcasted by the server.

  addCidToBody: false,

   * This field let's you change the name of the cid field sent to the server
   * when performing optimistic updates through WebSockets. By default the
   * property send to the server is called `cid`, matching the name of the attribute
   * on the client-side, but you can change it if you need it to match the API.

  cidBodyAttributeName: 'cid'