AJAX Abstraction for Lists of Resources


The reset() method can be used to remove all models from the collection, or to replace the models with a new set.

Default Implementation

The default implementation looks like this:

reset: function(models, options) {
  options = options ? _.clone(options) : {};
  models = this.add(models, options);
  return models;


Let's save you've created a collection like this:

import { Collection } from 'lore-models';

const TweetCollection = Collection.extend({
  url: 'http://localhost:1337/tweets'

const tweets = new TweetCollection([
    id: 1,
    text: 'Some old tweet'

At this point tweets.models.length would return 1, since we have 1 model.

Calling tweets.reset() with no arguments will remove all models from the collection, and now tweets.models.length would return 0.

You can also invoke reset() with arguments like this:

    id: 2,
    text: 'Some new tweet'

In this case, the method will first remove the existing models, and then add the new models. So after this method is called, tweets.models.length would still return 1, but if we examined tweet.models we would see this, reflecting the array we just provied:

  new Model({
    id: 2,
    text: 'Some new tweet'