AJAX Abstraction for Lists of Resources


The add() method can be used to add models to the collection outside the constructor.

Default Implementation

The default implementation looks like this:

add: function(models, options) {
  return this.set(models, _.extend({}, options));


Let's save you've created a collection like this:

import { Collection } from 'lore-models';

const TweetCollection = Collection.extend({
  url: 'http://localhost:1337/tweets'

const tweets = new TweetCollection()

The add() method can be used add additional models to the collection, and there are two ways to call it.

The first is by providing a object, like this:

  id: 1,
  text: 'Some new tweet'

The second is by providing an array, like this:

    id: 1,
    text: 'Some new tweet'

In both cases, if you now examined the tweet.models property you would see this:

  new Model({
    id: 1,
    text: 'Some new tweet'