WARNING! This hook is a proof of concept, and has never been used in a production application. It was developed to prove that Lore's architecture accounted for the unique concerns that come with using websockets in a real application, and to find an interface that was agnostic to a specific implementation of websockets (e.g. Sails, Rails, Socket.io, etc.)

Provides a generic implementation of lore-websockets intended to be customized.


This hook depends on:

  • lore-hook-models
  • lore-hook-collections
  • lore-hook-redux

The models dependency comes from the fact that this hook uses the names of the models in order to generate the websockets actions.

The collections dependency is not currently used (and may have no purpose at all).

The redux dependency comes from the fact that this hook needs the Redux store to exist first in order to get access to the dispatch() method.